What Midwest does:

1. Our entire group utilizes a team-based cooperative approach to product design, fabrication, finishing, and assembly.  
2.  We know from experience that our work methodology minimizes the time lag between the different stages of part or assembly development, and accelerates the order through the fabrication processes.  Therefore we involve all parties and work to achieve quick and positive results for the customer..
3. The product's integrity and quality are spot-on and the fabrication costs are minimized.  
4.  Diligent attention is also given to employee health and safety standards, ergonomics, operator set-up, reliability, and maintainability.

How Midwest does it:

  • Manufacturing Review
  • AutoCAD Mechanical
  • FabriTRAK32 Software
  • Solid Edge Design Software
  • Machine Talk Network Software
  • FabriWin Programming Software                                                          


Engineering Services that Midwest provides: 

  • Data Translations
  • Engineering Solution Consulting
  • Manufacturing Solution Consulting
  • Design Review
  • Redraw of Existing Drawings into CAD Format