Secondary Operations

Displayed in the picture above is the Midwest IMF's Nordson 550-foot automated paint line.  It is equipped with a UL Certified Pretreatment Line for powder coating.  It also has the Nordson Excel Powder Coat Booth with 10 automatic and 2 manual Versa Spray ll guns.  

We offer:

  • powder coat applications: hi-gloss, medium gloss, textured, satin, flat, and all safety colors. 
  • standard wet paint coverage
  • Plascoat Application
  • WD CARC (Water-Dispersible Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) developed as the basic camouflage topcoat colors for the military, i.e. Desert Tan, Olive-Drab, & Black.

We also offer:

  • part/assembly insulation
  • electrical, electronic, mechanical assembly
  • special packaging, including steel racks designed to get the part to the assembly line.
  • specific wooden pallet, wire basket, and box design & modification
  • P/N identification stamping
  • bar code labeling of parts and boxes for customer inventory tracking
  • captive fastener insertion:  PEM, nuts, studs, stand-offs, etc; stud welding & weld nuts.
  • specialty moisture sealants,i.e. water-proof and water-resistant